Soccerbee Story / Wave FC

Soccerbee Story / Wave FC

Wave FC was first founded by a group of people who studied in Malaysia as exchange students. They not only just gathered to play football but they also started a football party, collaborating with Goal Studio, and participating in the NIKE Play New campaign.

They aren’t just restricted to the amateur team they try to participate in a variety of activities to show people what they are.

🐝 Hello Wave FC, thank you for participating in our interview. Please introduce the team to our readers.

Hi everyone. This is Wave FC. I am so honored to be able to have an interview with SOCCERBEE. Our members consist of a variety of people from different backgrounds and jobs. We got together for the same reason, to play fun football.


⚽🐝 Why is the team called Wave FC?

When we first started our football team the way wave moves suddenly struck us. We wanted to spread our team to others and the wave describes perfectly. Also, the wave itself has a uniqueness which also made us choose it to be our team’s name.



🐝 Recently, I see that Wave FC featured in the NIKE Play New campaign, collaborated with Goal Studio, and more. What kind of Wave FC aspects made this happen?

It is a big honor for us to have NIKE, Goal Studio, SOCCERBEE and more collaborate with us. I think the reason why we are doing these kinds of collaboration is that we try to portray our team to be unique from other amateur teams. For example, even though we are mostly Korean, we communicate only in English on our SNS account. These reasons are why we are unique from other teams.


⚽🐝 When your team collaborates with others there is always the word ‘fun’ that is never left out. We see that you always ask teammates whether they enjoyed the events. If it is possible could you share a memorable moment with us?

When we participate in these kinds of a campaign we always ask ourselves if we enjoyed it. For example, whenever we get the new uniform we try to arrange a time to take a photo of ourselves in the uniform. Even though we aren’t professional models it is quite funny to see us trying to act cool in front of the camera. After photos are taken and posted on our social media, we feel overwhelmed by the fact that many people from Korea and globally like our photos.


🐝 What do you want to do in the future with Wave FC? It doesn’t have to be realistic!

I want to build our football stadium. It would be sufficient to have a pitch and a stand but I also want it to be big as Wembley Stadium. If we have our private football field we could have a BBQ party or campfire and so on our field. Just thinking of it makes me goosebumps. I don’t think this is impossible since we will be operating the team as long as possible.


⚽🐝 What has changed these days?

When we first started this team it wasn’t 11 vs 11 team. Our team was based on 3 vs 3. As time passes new members joined and the team got bigger than we have expected. In 2021 we once thought to join the K7 league but decided not to since we wanted our members to enjoy football without stress. As Covid 19 situation got worsened a lot of things have changed also with our team. We accepted a lot of newbies and grew our team bigger.


🐝 Do you have any role models you want to be?

If I have to choose one I would choose the team called SIRENS FC. They make a lot of content that is of high quality which I want our team to follow. They also relate their activities to their local community which I thought was great.


⚽🐝 Quick fun question, if you could choose one football player you want in your team who would it be?

I want entertainer Lee Sugeun on our team. He has shown his skills in football and we believe he could be our best player if he joined the team. Also, his ability to make people laugh would make the team more cheerful. So he is our most wanted player!


🐝 What were your thoughts when WAVE FC was appointed as SOCCERBEE ambassador?

Even before SOCCERBEE contacted us we knew what this brand was. We always wanted to try on these kinds of devices in our matches to see how we played. So, when SOCCERBEE contacted us for the ambassador we could not believe what has happened.


⚽🐝 Are there any changes after WAVE FC has used SOCCERBEE?

As we used the products in our matches we began to run more effectively and tried to play more productive as possible. Even though, we are a team that thinks fun is the most important thing in football, we try to improve ourselves in every match we play. SOCCERBEE definitely helps us to improve.

Is there any last word you want to say?
Fam, make sure you to STAY WAVY🌊😎


⚽ Wave FC Instagram : @wave_fc

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