Soccerbee Story / FS Shootart

Soccerbee Story / FS Shootart

Today we are going to introduce to you Futsal team FS Shootart.

They have been around for 5 years now and have been using SOCCERBEE to improve their weaknesses.

So, we took a visit to FS Shootart practice ground to interview some of the team members.



🐝 Hi FS Shootart, please introduce yourself.

Captain : Hello we are Shootart. We currently consist of 30 members who spend more time on futsal more than the work or study. We will continue to work hard to become semi pro one day.


⚽🐝Can you tell us how you started FS Shootart?

Captain : I’ve been playing futsal since 2013. Back then I was a team captain as well as team manager and eventually got interested on making my own team. I wanted to make a team that always win which I recruited new members who know how to play football.


⚽🐝Why did you name your team Shootart?

Captain : Shoot is the first word and Start is the another. I wanted to start new type of futsal which I named my team Shootart.



⚽🐝 Requirements to join the team are 4 times participation each month and no teenager nor semi pro players, why did you choose these requirements?

Captain : We value the time we spend together to become a better team. I mean I am grateful for semi pro players but, at this stage we need players who could develop as we go along.

Futsal like other team sports is important in teamwork. Therefore, we valued the participation more than the other. Unlike the other teams we have 2 times practices each week with one practice mandatory. Also, to manage the team we need membership dues which we thought teenagers can’t afford.


⚽🐝 I see that the team has a great content with great production. Are there any producer for each content? How is the team managed? And is there any difference from other teams?

Captain : We have 3 managers with 10 members who manages members, data record, manages supplies, and marketing. We have member who majored in production she does all the readings and editing. Also, some of our creative members help with other things that need for the production. And the one difference from other team is that we have made a manual for new members so they could quickly blend into the team.


⚽🐝 So, I guess this is why your team has a great chemistry! What would you say the most memorable event?

Ara : I remember one day when I came back after the long trip, some of Shootart members picked me up at the airport. That was the moment for me.

Golie : Shootart has lot of activities other than playing futsal which I think is why we are so close to each other. Since we are futsal team I remember the time we won the competition.

Ara : I was happy when we made an accomplishment on competition we participated. Since we are more like a club, we mostly aim to improve ourselves. We could feel that as we improve as we go along. That is the great part of being the team member.



⚽🐝 The team has been doing lot of activities including the donation. How did you start?

Captain : We are most happy when we play futsal. We believed that if we could share our passion not only to sport but also to the community would be grateful. This is why we started.

Also, it wasn’t easy to maintain the futsal club for about 5 years. To thank to people who supported us toward our journey we wanted to do a meaningful work which is a donation. We found the donation platform called “Big Work” to fulfil our goal.


⚽🐝 Are there any ways you use SOCCERBEE? What can you tell your teammates about the usage tips?

Ara : To use SOCCERBEE better we only let 10 players to use on each game. This helps us to manage individual data better. To talk about the usage tips I would say, arrange the start of game time to be exact so when you set the time on the app it is much easier! Also, sometimes due to the GPS error some of the data could show outside the pitch just go over the data and set up the pitch according to them.

Golie : I am a goalie for the team and I use SOCCERBEE to analyze my speed and my coverage to see how I moved Infront of the goal. This really helped me to improve on how I should move when the opponents are nearby. If all other teams including goalies use SOCCERBEE then we could have much higher quality plays.


⚽🐝 How were the other teammates reactions when Shootart was appointed as an SOCCERBEE ambassador?

Pivo : Occasionally when I saw international football match I saw players wearing this similar device. I didn’t know what it was when I first encountered but after I used this product, I realized it was the GPS Tracker. I feel like I become a professional football player.

Ara : When we were appointed as an ambassador even though I was amateur I felt like I became a real football player. Also, I could get my play in data really motivated me to become a better player.

Ara, Picso : It was great to see individual play data with our own eyes. I was quite surprised with the fact that all the results were based on GPS and the amount of data it gives to amateur players. Also, SOCCERBEE motivate us to play better. I guess this is the great power SOCCERBEE gives.



⚽🐝 Are there any suggestions while using SOCCERBEE?

Captain : To use SOCCERBEE as team is quite hard. When we play game as a team some of the members happen to not have the tracker which makes hard to analyze the data as a team. Also, there are no guideline to if I play good or not. Also, it would be great to see the standings of each category SOCCERBEE gives.

Ara, Golie : Since futsal is the indoor sport it would great if the tracker works indoor. Also, if it has a futsal mode would be great too. Adding on to this, not only matches but also analyzing the practice session would be great too.


⚽🐝 We will take that into consideration! Are there any activities you want to do as a team or any goal you want to achieve as a team?

Pivo : I really want to have a time to discuss our problems with data we get from SOCCERBEE when get a time.    

Golie : For the record, our team almost had a chance to join basketball tournament. This could happen because we all love sports. So, when we get a chance I want to participate different sports competition with my teammates and work on our teamwork!

Ara : My goal is to use SOCCERBEE and win the tournament!



⚽🐝 What is your last word for this interview?

Ara : Thank you for this opportunity to be part of SOCCERBEE. We will work hard to become better, and we will work hard to win the tournament with SOCCERBEE. Thank you once again.



⚽ FS Shootart Instagram : @fs_shootart
⚽ FS Shootart Youtube Channel

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