Soccerbee Story / Altari FC

Soccerbee Story / Altari FC

What is your team’s name?

It is kind of hard to name the team, but it is always the fun thing.

So, we thought about Altari, which is same as the ingredient that is used on the Altari Kimchi.

We got together a year ago when we had to decide between Minari and Altari. We found Altari to be more fun which we decided to name our team as Altari.



⚽🐝 Hello, we finally meet, can you introduce your team?

Nice to meet you, it is kind of embarrassing to introduce ourselves, we are called Altari. We have been playing futsal while filming ourselves play.

⚽🐝 We are really interested on how you guys got together.

We were friend starting from the teenagers. We vaguely wanted healthy lifestyle which led to start playing football. It could have been yoga or gate ball, but we decided to play football since it has lot of dramatic elements. You know football has not been the common interest between us we valued more on playing together. We looked for the team to join but since we haven’t played football before we decided to start our own team.



⚽🐝 We heard that you named your team based on the funniest word. In any chance, have you ever regretted not naming your team Minari Association after the movie Minari got famous?

We don’t regret. But occasionally we imagine if our team was Minari Association we could have joked around with the name of our team. But we are glad our team is Altari, we like it a lot.


⚽🐝 Are there any requirements when joining the team?

There are none. Even football abilities are not required. Right now, we try not to accept any new members since we wanted our members to be more than the people who play football together. We want each one of us to have good effect on each other therefore we consider each candidate very carefully.    



⚽🐝 You have been doing fake documentary and been producing contents yourselves. Are there any inspiration to your work?

All the productions are based on our enjoyment. We take inspiration from our members. We know how each one of us live and what they like. They are more than the members of our team. They are brilliant!


⚽🐝 Not only you play football but also do lot different activities, are there any hardships while managing the team?

Hmm to be honest, Altari club is more than what you see. We have lot of opponents applied for the friendly match and some of the teams were disappointed with us. Many of the teams thought we were very active and fun guys but in reality, we aren’t what we portrayed to be. That is some of the hard times we faced.


⚽🐝 I must ask this question, before the interview I researched on your team, and I heard the teams’ football abilities are below the average. What made Altari to play football?

We started to play football with a lighthearted. We thought this sport can be played by anyone regarding the abilities, gender, or age. We feel strange when we try our best to play better. Therefore, every week we try to play football to become better footballer.



⚽🐝 Are there any improvements after you’ve been using SOCCERBEE?

First, our team captain sucks at football. I mean we didn’t have organized practice sessions nor good players. I was always felt sorry for our teammates for this situation. However, after we met SOCCERBEE we were able to see our own data with our own eyes with objective views. Now is time for us to get better.


⚽🐝 What is SOCCERBEE to Altari?

Because of SOCCERBEE now we don’t need to depend on our own perspectives as we could check ourselves with the data. Also, we could check who ran the most and the least. With that, one who ran the least gets the punishment. In the app we could arrange the participants for each match and starting 11 which helps us to manage the team. Also, we have many one-time players coming in and out it was always hard to manage those players, but SOCCERBEE helps us to manage their data.



⚽🐝 What are your thoughts on to be appointed as SOCCERBEE ambassador?

When we first received the package, we thought it is more than the product for the amateurs. Because it was more like a professional item for football players. However, it is easy to use and as an amateur it really helped us to improve like it helped us to become more organized as a team. So, we feel grateful for this opportunity.


⚽🐝 What are your plans with SOCCERBEE?

We want to have a match with SOCCERBEE team. Match against the SOCCERBEE developers would be fun. It would be helpful if they guide us how to play.  


⚽🐝 What is your plan for future? Like who would you like your new members to be?

To be specific we want bald nutritionist. Bald looks cool as we need nutritionist to give advice on our diet.



⚽🐝 Could you tell us about your motto?

“One love” is our motto. We believe one love equals love of all. If we love football as one we could love other things including football. Every week we play games to win the game but with no competition. Everything is love!


⚽🐝 What is you last word for this interview?

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to become SOCCERBEE ambassador. We want to share information with other amateur football teams about not only football but also any values that are important to the world. Thank you!




⚽ ALTARI CLUB instagram : @altari.fc

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