Soccerbee Story / TeamFirst

Soccerbee Story / TeamFirst

Here is the team that could change your perception about the model footballer.

They are called “Team First”. They have been appointed as SOCCERBEE ambassador on 2021 to promote the product as they use the GPS performance tracker. Team First mostly consists of active models but also, singers, photographers and so on.



In this blog we had a chance to talk to the Director of the team Lee Hoyeon, manager Jang Migwan, and general affairs Oh Jaehyeon.


⚽🐝 Fist of all, thank you for participating the interview with us. Why don’t you take a time to introduce yourself to the readers?

Hoyeon : Hello, we are called Team First. Not only we consist of models, but also, we have teammates from variety jobs such as actor, creator, and so on. We got together to play fun football.


🐝 Before this interview, I went over your Instagram posts way back to 2014, and I see that this team has been going on for almost 9 years! I am curious about how the team was formed and how you guys got together?

Migwan : I am not sure if this is appropriate but, we somehow started to talk about this football team during the time we were clubbing. After the team was formed, many models joined the team to play football. Not only me but also many models were able to realize meaningful values ​​other than football through Team First such as introducing job opportunities.


🐝 Are there any requirements to join the team? Such as height?

Hoyeon : Hmm not that much, it was more difficult in the past than it is now.

Migwan : That is correct. To join the team in the past was way harder. I believe at that time the manager wasn’t in a normal condition as he sometimes took almost 3 months for the trial for the team. I remember he valued the football ability for those who were once a football player as he valued the personality, attitude, and passion for the others.


🐝 I see, I learned that Jaehyeon you aren't the only founding member here, so I'm curious to know how you joined the team?

Jaehyeon : I started modeling when I discharged from the military service at the age 25. It turned out when I was serving in the army, one of my battle buddies was a model. I was able to have a lot of time to talk about the future and he helped me to grow my dream to become a model. He then asked me one day if I wanted to play football, it was Team First. I went to play a number of trials and was able to join the team.



🐝 That is amazing. In other hand, Migwan and Hoyeon you were in the team for quite a long time. Were there any hard times while you were in the team?

Migwan : Since I was general affairs for the team, I had a hard time arranging matches for the team also had a hard time collecting membership dues. But now the current general affairs Jaehyeon is doing a great job, way better than I did. I am now satisfied as a manager of the team. I had a time when I left the team for awhile but when I came back, they welcomed me with the open arms which I felt like home.

Hoyeon : Right now, I am a director of the team but I have no hardships I could say up until now. Well, one thing I could say is satisfying all the members of the team? That is the only thing I could think of it right now.

Migwan : That is right, basically all the members of the team have a passion toward football as they want to play lot of matches. But, since it takes lot of time to arrange matches, I feel sorry for that.

Hoyeon : Recently one of our opponents asked us if we are a semi amateur team, I guess they thought we were semi pro.


🐝 Can you tell us about the most memorable match you had?

Jaehyeon : Right now I could think of the match on 2020 Dec when we went to Jeju to play football match. To be honest, we drank up until 11 in the morning when we had a game at 12.

Hoyeon : We really like alcohol. I would call us Drinking FC

Jaehyeon : I can’t even remember how we warmed up. We were 3:0 down in the half time and our manager told us to play like we mean it. And we eventually won the game by 5:3.

Migwan : I got this wound from that match. We played like we meant it and probably many of our teammates would say that match to be the most memorable match.

Hoyeon : Oh I have one more memorable day. It is today. Because we are with SOCCERBEE, I mean I never though football could be this scientific up until now.      



🐝 Can you rate your standing in the team?

Migwan : I would say I am the best at right wing back. Also, could say I am the number one right wing back in the team. As a manager I would say Jaehyeon and Hoyeon are the best at center back.

Jaehyeon : I play as defensive midfielder in the team and Team First helped me to become the player who I am right now. When I first joined the team there were many players who played midfielders and I didn’t know if I could be picked as a starting 11 for the team. To be selected, I tried to show my strength that no other players had which is the amount of distance I could cover.

Migwan : So what is your standing?

Jaehyeon : As a midfielder I would say 3rd.

Migwan : We have lot of players who actually played football so it’s kind of intense.



🐝 Then, what did you find interesting when you used SOCCERBEE?

Jaehyeon : I thought I cover the most, but after I analyzed my play with SOCCERBEE, other player happened to cover the pitch the most. I was amazed at how the data happened to be different than how I think.

Migwan : Same for me. I was able to find out the data are different from how I see the game. This will help me to learn more about each player in the team.


🐝 Is there any suggestion to improve the service?

Hoyeon : I want to upload the team emblem in the app but it doesn’t work. It would be great if it has that feature. Another thing is that the service would be great if it has number of touches or number of shots on the app.


Migwan : I am not sure if this will work but, I want voice recognition feature to be added. Like I want to know who talks the most during the match. It is important to communicate with each other during the match and if this feature is available, I would be very happy.


🐝 Thank you for your feedbacks, I will tell our developer about these suggestions. Can you tell us what is your team’s plan for 2022?

Jaehyeon : To become a model for amateur football teams. Our director always says it is important to act in a manner and behave like a grown man. It is same for when we play football. This is our motif as a team. I want to continue these values as we go along.

Migwan : Right, for me I want to meet new teammates who could spend a good time with us.




🐝 Last question! please tell us how you feel to work as an ambassador for SOCCERBEE.

Hoyeon : First of all, thank your for giving us this opportunity. Since we are models, we have lot of offers for sponsorship, but we value football more than the money, which led us to pick SOCCERBEE. The value SOCCERBEE emphasizes, and the value Team First emphasizes are pretty much alike we are thankful for giving us this great opportunity. 

Migwan : Up until now, we met lot of companies and had lot of talks but SOCCERBEE is the best. I hope we could continue this partnership.



⚽ TEAM FIRST instagram : @team_1st_

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