Soccerbee Story / Byucksan FC

Soccerbee Story / Byucksan FC

For today’s interview we introduce to you the team Byucksan FC. This team is currently the champion of K5 league and KFA Best club for a year 2021.

This team is one of the oldest SOCCERBEE partners who has been using it for many years.

We visited their main training field to talk more about them.



🐝 Hi, first of all thank you for letting us have an interview session with you. Could you please introduce yourselves?

Leader: Hi nice to meet you, I would like to introduce ourselves as a trailblazer. Since we are the pioneer for making a new vision and new trend on amateur football, we call ourselves that.


⚽🐝 Wow, that is interesting. I heard that Byucksan FC started from a residence where early members all lived in which is a Byucksan apartment. How did you join this team? What made you think this is the team I should play for?

Leader: I told this story many times in number of interviews that I joined this team with my friend. I was an ordinary member back then. First, each and everyone playing for Byucksan FC are all football lovers. They made me feel comfortable and made me feel like I was in home. Which naturally led me to join this team. 



⚽🐝 What Byucksan accomplished this season is unbelievable. K5 league champion, FA Cup participation, KFA best team of the season… but I guess you all had ups and downs during the journey of transforming this team into what it is right now. I heard the team manager always had trouble selecting best 11 for the team since many of the team members had their own jobs, is that true?

Manager: As a player for Byucksan FC I never regretted being the member. I am not saying this because I am Infront of the camera, I am very serious on this. We all got together to play football and enjoy so I never had a time for a disappointment. I mean all members are great individual whom I don’t want to lose. As a manager, of course I had a time when I struggled but I believe this was a natural thing. Also, I have a belief that it is my responsibility to make this team into a better one. I hope everyone understands what I am trying to get.

Playing coach : To be honest, as a coach I never had a time I felt very tough. I was one of the closest players to feel the transformation of this team but I only have a great memories along with it. I am ready for any competition while we are playing for K5 league. In fact, I am glad we are feeling this kind of fear. This will make us stronger.


⚽🐝 When I looked into your team’s social medias, I see that all the memories are very well stacked. One of the interesting comments while I was looking through the social media was “Is this a real amateur team?” I feel that this team probably heard a good comment a lot! What was the most interesting or impressing comments your team heard?

Manager : Few days ago, we played against the team called Chunjae FC. Their manager Lee Chunsoo who is one of a football legend for Korea, mentioned our team to be their role model. I felt overwhelmed by the fact that Korean football legend talked positive thing about our team. Also, we are trying to put lot of effort to make our social media unique and have our own identity on them. Whenever, we see good comments it really helps us to work harder!

Playing coach : First of all, there is nothing that our manager doesn’t interfere. Even our Instagram and Youtube. He has a great sense on how to make our team more visible to the audiences. Due to his effort, we always had more attention than we are expected to have. Since we are a team, I feel very satisfying whenever I hear our team’s compliments.



⚽🐝 Many audiences are surprised with the football abilities this team have. I learned that most of the members have amazing career in the past. Even you as a team manager experienced on K1 league to K5 league. Is there any possibility that this kind of experiences helped you to guide players foray into pro league?

Manager : I feel very proud to have an experiences on K1 league to K5. This actually helped me to scout potential players and lead them into a better career.


⚽🐝 I guess this reason is why your team is using SOCCERBEE so that, you could analyze players better. Are there any notable changes to your team while using SOCCERBEE?

Manager : Before using SOCCERBEE I only looked at player’s stats. But after using this product, it helped me to look at players more objectively. With these data I was able to pick starting 11 according to stats given. Also, with the data I was able to explain better to players why they weren’t picked as a starting 11. I am very satisfied with the product, and I hope many teams use this.

Playing coach : When I first use this product, it was quite interesting. I was able to see how many km I ran, top speed, coverage, and etc which really helped the team as a whole. We could talk about what we did wrong and what we did right with the data it has given. After using this product, players who were disappointed with their own stats started to do extra workout to get better.

By using SOCCERBEE it brought positive atmosphere to our team. Even other team asks us about this product and wished they could’ve use it. By playing with SOCCERBEE it really helps us to feel the atmosphere back when we all played as a professional football player. I am really grateful for this opportunity and thank you so much!



⚽🐝 Can you tell us about what kind of events you want to do with SOCCERBEE?

Manager : I see that recently SOCCERBEE has added leaderboard system on their service. It would be great to invite standing leaders to play friendly match with us!


⚽🐝 Could you tell us about your goal with Byucksan FC?

Manager : To be honest, I really want this team to win the division and move into the higher league. I believe we have a potential to be one and I will work hard to achieve that dream!


⚽🐝 Last question! Please tell our audiences on any thing you wish to tell them!

Manager : I would like to thank SOCCERBEE CEO Hwang Gunwoo for giving us this opportunity to use this highly effective products! I really want Byucksan FC to be the model for amateur football teams so that people can believe they could achieve what we have done!

If we have done it, you could do it too. Don’t worry about anything! Just try it! Thank you!



⚽ Byucksan FC Instagram : @ByucksanFC

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